Al Katre Backpackers Hostel - Cordoba - Spain

Al Katre Backpackers Hostel - Cordoba - Spain
Martínez Rucker 14, Córdoba
Phone: (+34)957 487 539 - (+34) 626 389 706

It is a house that is full of life. Priviliged to be declared as a house of " High Cultural Interest", it is seconds away from one of the most important monuments from the Spanish-Islamic era: The Mezquita (mosque) of Córdoba. 

A house that brings together all the elements of andalusian lifestyle and culture: patios, arches, beamed ceilings, galleries, plants, the play of light and shade... A house offering an abundance of new services: Book Crossing, bicycle hire, sightseeing tours, food, dormitories for those who like to share, individual rooms for those who desire privacy. 

A retreat where you can rest, enjoy reading, whilst savouring a fresh cup of tea with fellow travellers exchanging stories and experiences, a place where everyone is welcome; backpackers, travellers, adventurers, families, friends, cyclists. In Al Katre you will find your home, of that we are certain. All in all a different way to embrace travelling...our way. 

We look forward to welcoming you...


Lisandro Ibarra
Me ehcantó todo, el trato de las chicas fue realmente excelente. El hostel está muy bien organizado, tiene un hermoso patio y la ubicación, sencillamente inmejorable.
June of 2015