Bosque Nativo - Valdivia - Chile

Bosque Nativo - Valdivia - Chile
Fresia 290, Valdivia
Phone: + (56) 063- 433782

"We open the doors of our house for all those guests who share our passion for enjoying life, protecting nature and the environment." Bosque Nativo Hostel it’s a refuge for adventurers and for those who like to travel all the time. It is a big house from 1939, survivor of the biggest earthquake in the history.It has recently been rebuilt and restored. Hostel Bosque Nativo is unit financed by the Association of Forest Engineers of the Native Forest (AIFBN), and Valdivian NGO non profit and has 15 years experience with working for the conservation and sustainable management of native forests in Chile. This global conservation of biodiversity helps to preserve the natural habitat of many flora species and fauna that exist only in our country. 


Matias Ezequiel Minor
Muy buena onda,muy buena gente,muy lindo ambiente. Excelente!
September of 2013
tomas scoppinner
maravilloso hostel! calido y limpio!
May of 2013
Claudia Ibarra Gomez
La atención de las chicas muy agradables
Debe mejorar el desayuno muy poco variado
September of 2013
limpieza, espasio, calma
December of 2014