Centro Histórico Regina - City of Mexico - Mexico

Centro Histórico Regina - City of Mexico - Mexico
5 de Febrero 53, Centro histórico de Mexico
City of Mexico
Phone: +52 57094192 y 57097815

Hostal Centro Historico Regina is projected to be the only hostel with concept art retro-kitsch in Mexico City focus an entire community of foreigners and people of our country to merge ideas, experiences and environments which are designed to make this hostel the friendly, artistic and family space. 

 As the development of the historic center of Mexico City during dwindled decades regarding their economic, aesthetic and commercial, the building had exactly the same evolution over the years, was built between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries , its original use in his early spin history only as family home, then turn as trade, warehouse and workshop which is then used as offices and training center. 

The property is listed as a historic monument in 1980 decree. Currently it becomes Hostal Centro Historico Regina, which adopts a concept of art-kitsch decoration to give our guests an atmosphere of galery and at the same time, the space where they can unfold quietly while enjoying your stay. February 5, 53 Esquina Regina. Historic Center.


August of 2016