Manso - Boutique Hostal - Guayaquil - Ecuador

Manso - Boutique Hostal - Guayaquil - Ecuador
Malecón 1406 y Aguirre, Planta alta
Phone: +593 (0) 4 252-6644

Boutique-designed, small riverfront hostel located in Guayaquil's center. Its original architecture (fancy arcs and high ceilings) has been preserved, though the site has been fully renovated. Four areas to relax, watch TV and stare at the river. Organic cafeteria.Manso has five private rooms: two with river balconies, a/c, Cable TV, DVD. Two with a/c and Cable TV and one with fan ceiling and shared bathroom. The sixth room is a shared-bathroom dorm with fan ceiling. All rooms have hot shower.Each room has its own design. There are two interior patios with sunroof, a spacios living room with lots of travel brochures and literature and a riverfront cafeteriaManso is not only a hostel - it's also a cafeteria (MansoMix) that introduces the concept of healthy fast food. The menuy offers quinua, lentl, rice hamburguers, veggie & chicken wraps, squid & shrimp hamburguers too. Also, a good selection of fresh fruit smoothies. Breakfast is included in the prices of the rooms. Lunches with organic ingredients are served for US$3.50.He hostel is beautifully decorated and has this particular Asian-Ecuadorian relaxing vibe. Everywhere in the hostel are plants, pillows, couches, beautiful lamps, and very natural colors.Because the hostel is very small, we are able to provide a personal service. We offer a professional and dedicated service without losing the personal touch of a small place. Our guests are not numbers, like in big hotels.


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