Pajara Pinta Hostel - Cali - Colombia

Pajara Pinta Hostel - Cali - Colombia
Carrera 4 No. 1-100, San Antonio, Cali
Phone: +57 (2) 893 86 74

"At the heart of Santiago de Cali, where art beats resound in every corner, Pajara Pinta fell, leaving his lime aside to be part of this magical place full of smiling faces and friendly, creative people It is maintained in a constant movement. This space is designed to feel like being home away from home for everyone who is in the distance; since each brick, each table decorating is intentional, it aims to provide greater convenience and comfort, to open the doors to the piece of history that we want to create. 

 Hostal Pájara Pinta is not just another place to spend the night, is the site from which to get begin to feel part of something special, a dream which was accomplished through thick and thin, fighting against time and certain adversities, the place you always want to return. Integration is the key word in our philosophy, regardless of language, class or status, Pájara Pinta wings are always open. For the reader, the artist, the knower, who wants to know, for the dancing, the singing, and who wants to belong to everyone there is a little corner of your world here. We are not just walls and floor, you can feel life to come, because in the heart of Cali ... Vive La Pájara Pinta. "


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