Vista Serena Hostel - Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica

Vista Serena Hostel - Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica
150 mts north of Escuela de Manuel Antonio, Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio
Costa Rica
Phone: +506 2-777-5162

Set on a mountain, surrounded by jungle, with awesome views of the Pacific Ocean, the hostel is the perfect place to experience the peace of paradise and the thrill of local attractions. The hostel Vista Serena is specially designed for foreign visitors. You get the rainforest and Costa Rica's most beautiful beach, and still have all of the comforts of home. We run a small, secluded hostel, and offer personalized services to our guests. Our goal is to cater to the individual - with a little Costa Rican touch! Please investigate our services and unique perspectives on what we think a hostel should offer - we're sure you'll be impressed!

Facilities:* Hammock * Clean* Spacious rooms with lockers *Comfortable* Safe * American style fully equipped kitchen* Laundry service* Stereo Vista Serena has 3 spacious and comfortable rooms equipped with lockers and fans.We have rooms with 4 to 13 beds. Directions There are many ways to get to Manuel Antonio. The most common is by car or by bus. If you go by public bus, then you'll have to catch a bus from San Jose (coca-cola bus station) to Quepos, and then from Quepos to Manuel Antonio. Schedules vary, so it's best to inquire with the bus company.

You can call 506-777-0263.There are other private buses that travel directly from San Jose to Manuel Antonio, and they are: Interbus our grayline tours. The option by air is also available, since the local airline Sansa, offers regular flights. You can call at 506-777-0683.


Esteban Glemonn
El mejor hostel para admirar el atardecer en el Pacífico. Su ubicación presta una hermosa vista del océano, cuenta con un gran balcón con sillones, sillas, mesas y hamacas donde también se sirve el desayuno y se juntan los viajeros, más hacia el atardecer
May of 2013