Zapato Amarillo - Puerto Octay - Chile

Zapato Amarillo - Puerto Octay - Chile
Ruta U-55 Km 2,5
Puerto Octay
Phone: +56 (64 )2 210 787

A small chalet with grass roof, set in a landscape of extraordinary beauty, where the demanding traveller finds a cozy place to rest. Our family-run lodge offers double and dorm rooms, clean kitchen for guests, washer/drier, internet, spacious garden, car parking. Good information & maps of area and trails. For rent: bicycle, canoe, sailing boat (laser 2), ice & camping equipement. We organise: transport to Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, for a fascinating day hike around Osorno Volcano; day tour to Lake Rupanco on the foothills of the andes surrounded by lush rainforest, 3 hours hike and boat trip to natural hot springs on the beach; for mountaineers only, guided climbs to the summit of the most beautiful volcano, the perfect shaped Volcán Osorno. 
The "Zapato Amarillo" (Yellow Shoe) backpacker lodge is the perfect place to either "chill out" after an exhausting expedition to patagonia, or to fuel up before a difficult trail to the mountains (Osorno Volcano) or further south. Discover exquisite chilean and international cuisine: Connoisseurs consider chilean beef superior to argentine steaks. What do You think? We offer barbecue, fresh salmon dishes like oven-baked smoked salmon, veggies, salad buffets, lunch packs, homemade cheese fondue "Puerto Octay"...Puerto Octay is a village of 2.500 habitants at the western, wind-protected shore of lake Llanquihue, the largest of ten beautiful lakes, that makes our region virtually unique on this planet. We suppose you already know about Southern Chile, so You might want to add up another unforgettable experience to your trip.Activities Bike and Canoe, walk, jog, swim in the lake, or cross it swimming: this would give you an entry in the Guinness Book of Records) eat, sleep, read, surf the web or just hang out. And bring a camera to Puerto Octay for this great "Everything is so extremely retro here" photographic arts exhibition you always wanted to do.. 


tomas scoppinner
magnifico lugar!
May of 2013