About Us

HOLA Hostels Latin America is a network that groups together hostels from Mexico to Argentina, where all Latin culture and philosophy is respected and lived. As Latin Americans have a special way of relating, we needed a network of accommodation to represent us, that’s why HOLA was born.

HOLA started working in 2007, but it all started years ago and it was projected little by little; Each of us who work at HOLA, some together and others separately, travel through a large part of our planet -especially through Latin America-; we gather experiences and friends throughout the subcontinent. During our trips we realized that there was a lack of a hostel association that respects – and where we can live – our values; but that also has everything you need for a traveler, whether in comfort, cleanliness, security and good treatment. In each of the HOLA hostels you will experience fun, friendship, cleanliness and excellent personal attention.

Who is HOLA?

HOLA is made up of all the hostels in the chain, but above all it is made up of each of our guests / partners. When you arrive at the first HOLA hostel, you can join our community for free and start enjoying all the benefits we offer