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HOLA Hostels is a network that Hostels in Latin America and we are incorporating Europe. It is a network of hostels where each of them has a special respect for Planet Tiera and the various cultures. In them you can also experience the culture, idiosyncrasies and philosophy of the place.

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We ensure the highest standards of service while addressing our guests. We want to make sure that we leave no room for complaints. Explore the facilities and features that our hotels offer to the guests.


Choose from a range of authentic continental restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines.


We have multiple gyms in our facilities to offer a non-stop workout plan for fitness enthusiasts.


We have been ranked among the top ten hotels in Europe. Explore our best facilities and award-winning services.


Stay up to date with our upcoming events featuring celebrities and guest speakers. Book your tickets online.

Luxury Hotel-Spa

Our facilities also include relaxing and ayurvedic spas that are meant to detox your body and mind during your stay.


Explore a wide range of international brands in our shopping districts inside our resort facility.


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Quality Standards

All our hostels respect quality and cleanliness standards so that the experience is the maximum sensation of comfort and hygiene. HELLO, it also gives you warmth, comfort, tranquility, exclusive activities, language courses, fun and safety.

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Work & Travel

I lived an unforgettable experience! Pay for your stay working while you discover the city and the best places. I discovered the lifestyle and culture of each place.

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You can also purchase our hostel programs while traveling solo and save on your budget. We ensure your safety with the best security and hospitality.

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10% OFF In All HOLA Hostels Around The World.If Your Reservation Is Made Through Our Portal With A Credit Card, The 10% Discount Will Be Valid On The Balance.

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“I had an amazing time during my stay with a professional and available team of staff members.”​
David C Hernandez
“Hola Hostels are the most affordable luxury stay that any solo traveler is looking for. ”​
Sarah D Mason

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