Importance of Maintenance for Hostels

The importance of a well-maintained and clean hostel can never be understated. The maintenance of a building is an integral part of the process of doing business in commercial spaces. A hostel can prove to be very advantageous to many business owners, but only if it is appropriately maintained. Here are some of the top examples of why building maintenance is absolutely essential for hostels.

Operational State

For a hostel, it is imperative to maintain its operational state. This means that all of its facilities should be operational, including the kitchen, bathrooms, sleeping areas, lounge, and waiting rooms.
There should also be provisions for toiletries, running water, and electricity. All of these things contribute to making the place comfortable for guests as well as for employees. Good building maintenance will allow for such a thing to happen.


Some Important Factors

There are a number of factors affecting the performance and state of the operations of hostel buildings. These factors include the age of the building (whether new or old), its location (whether located in a busy or quiet area), its features (such as the amount of ventilation available), its interior, its architecture, and its climate. All of these things affect the maintenance work that has to be done in order to keep the place running smoothly.

Identifying Issues

One of the most important parts of a hostel maintenance management strategy deals with the identification of the main cause of major faults and breakdowns. After identifying the major dominant fault or breakdown, the next step involves analyzing the repair work that has to be done in order to correct the issue. When major faults occur, the fault has to be repaired or replaced completely. If not, the breakdown will continue until the problem is corrected.

Number of People in the Building


It is crucial to determine how many people live in a particular building. This is because buildings with more people will require more maintenance work than those with fewer residents. Hostels are generally smaller in size than hotels, but the amount of maintenance work required can still be quite considerable.

Maintenance of Hostels in Nigeria

Many Nigerians think that there is a lack of discipline in the hostel properties they manage, and this leads to poor maintenance policies. In order to effectively improve the hostel maintenance culture in Nigerian institutions, all the hostels should be held accountable for their actions by having their management committee create a code of conducts.

In addition to creating a code of conducts, the management should also be concerned about maintaining a good repair policy for the public properties within the facility. It is common for any Nigerian establishment to encounter any kind of problem, and these issues should not be taken lightly.

A good maintenance policy will ensure that repairs are made quickly and effectively as required. This will then contribute to improving the quality of service and delivery to the clients and patrons of the hostel. Improving the maintenance culture is crucial for the long-term success of the hostel properties in Nigeria.

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