How to make F.R.I.E.N.D.S in the hostel

Hostel life can be exciting and fun or boring and irritating. It all depends on the friends we make. Some are good, some are bad, some are cunning, some are helping, but that’s the beauty of a hostel! We can see everything, every character. We get to know how to deal with every people.
We are free to choose our friends, and they are the most important people when you can’t make decisions alone. Here are some ways to make friends-

Connect with your roommates

We spend the maximum time with our roommates. Bonding with them is essential as we
share everything at least for a year. We can approach them by simple “hi” or “hello”. But as time flies, we get along together and get close.

Participate in group events


Group events are the best way to know others and could become friends quickly. Group activity is an activity that includes interdependent people. So, either they start the conversation or vice versa. Either way, we communicate, and by that, we can get to know the other person. Based on the behavior, we can get to know the other person’s interests and liking. Thus, we can make friends with similar personalities as ours.

Join clubs in the college

This is the best way to make friends. Our skills and creativity attract strangers and like-minded people. It becomes easier when like-minded people approach as we can share our thoughts based on a particular topic. We can also get to know new things from them. Showcasing our creativity is liked by a few because not everyone likes everything. Those few people can be the ones who think like us. So, clubs play a significant role in making clubs.


Be a part of a sports team.

Choosing a sport where we are good at and participate well enough would be enough to drag the attention of the others. In addition, being a part of a sports team gives us recognition. When people admire the skills we have, they try to get close. So we could be the first choice for sports, and we could make more friends by talking politely and not being mean.

Social media


Social media? Yes, we could make friends with the help of social media. For example, getting close to the person by their posts and activities, and if we are hesitant to approach directly, we can start the conversation with a simple text. Later we can meet and get to know each other.

No matter how we get along, but never get too close at the beginning and start sharing everything. It takes time to build trust, and that trust is to be maintained not only by friends but also by us.

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