Things to keep in mind before joining a hostel

Hostel life is an emotion. The emotion includes 10000 memories, 1000 pranks, 100 failed tasks, ten friends, one life.
Hostel life is different from life at home. Nevertheless, some things are to be kept in mind.

Learn Cooking!

One of the most important things to learn before joining a hostel. There’ll be no one to cook on behalf of you. It would be better to learn a few recipes that could be of use in many situations. It is difficult to stay without your mother and the food she makes, but you need to compromise on the food and start preparing the food independently. Try recipes from your mother to taste the good food again.


Pros and cons of hostels


● One of the best things about staying in a hostel is social opportunity. We get the freedom to perform many social activities along with people and friends.
● Hostels are cheaper than hotels or private rooms. It is one of the significant advantages of saving money.
● The hostel is a fun and entertaining place where a large room is shared with many friends.
● You are a free bird and do or act on your own will. However, think wisely before acting, or it could damage your reputation.
Everything has its pros and cons. So as for hostels.


● Lack of security is one of the significant issues you could face while staying in a hostel. So, one has to ensure that the valuables are not mishandled and should be kept in a locker safely.
● Need to make decisions on your own.
● When there is a group of people around you, there’ll be a lack of privacy.
● You don’t get enough amenities to enjoy and have to share everything with the roommates.
Things to carry!
Certain things are mandatory to carry while shifting to a hostel. Some of them are
● Earphones to save your life from being alone and getting bored.
● Always carry a lock and a key to keep your valuables safe and secured
● Toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc., as the hostel won’t be providing these things.
● PowerBank and charger are also essential while traveling and when the plug point is not near your bed.
● Clothes, books, bags, etc., are some of the essentials before shifting to the hostel.
● First aid in case of emergency.


Location of the hostel

It is crucial to ensure that the hostel is in the center where you get all the essentials and is near the shops. The hostel’s location should be in such a place where the college or the office is just a few meters away. It should not be a problematic situation to get the necessary items quickly.

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